Martin’s Book of Tweets Available Today

To say Steve Martin, 66, has accomplished much is an understatement. Since beginning his showbiz career as a 15-year magician at Disneyland in 1960, Martin has won an Emmy, a Grammy, and was the 2005 recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. He has excelled as a stand-up comedian, screenwriter (Roxanne, Bowfinger), playwright […]

Musings: Monday, November 21, 2011

Few celebs have mastered the art of Twitter – and yes there’s an art to 140 characters of worthwhile commentary – like Steve Martin. On the eve of People Magazine’s annual “Sexiest Man Alive” issue (on newsstands now), Martin (right) tweeted “Waiting by phone for Sexiest Man Alive announcement”. Some of Martin’s best Tweets came […]

Musings: Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Like you, we enjoy TV commercials that make us laugh out loud. An Eighth Muse favorite right now is Geico’s “Do Dogs Chase Cats?” and All State’s “Mayhem Man”, which The Chicago Tribune recently wrote about.  Hey, who knew insurance could be funny? Or creative – actually, the ad agency behind the spots are the […]

Art, Love Come With a Price in New Martin Novel

If Ray Porter, the 50-something millionaire from Steve Martin’s Shopgirl, kept his loving girlfriend Mirabelle at arm’s length, then Lacey Yeager, the ambitious main character from Martin’s new novel, keeps her admirers at stiff-arm’s length, only dropping her defenses when she chooses to be tackled. It is through Lacey that Martin re-examines love and loneliness, […]

Books That’ll Unwrap Laughs This Holiday Season

If you’ve ever watched America’s Funniest Videos with a group of people, you know just how varying senses of humor can be. Such was the challenge of compiling this list of gift recommendations. But other questions popped up, too. For example, there are two books written by Steve Martin (Born Standing Up; The Pleasure of […]

Musings: Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We’re a wee-bit late on this post so you’ll have to track down a copy of last week’s New Yorker magazine (July 5th), but writer Tad Friend’s profile of Steve Carell is certainly worth the hunt. Carell, who stars in the current hit movie Despicable Me and the upcoming Dinner for Schmucks, says that when […]

Comedy Connection: Steve Martin / Lewis Carroll

With Alice in Wonderland opening this weekend and the Oscar presentations on Sunday, we couldn’t have picked a better time to introduce Comedy Connections, our newest feature – although to be honest we sat on its introduction until this weekend and prayed nobody reported it before us. Best we can tell no one has. Woo-hoo. […]

Book Review: Born Standing Up by Steve Martin

When Navin Johnson, Steve Martin’s character in the movie The Jerk, announces he is leaving his wife and doesn’t need her or any of their extravagant possessions – then abruptly concedes he needs the ashtray, and well, the paddle game, and maybe the remote control – ardent Martin fans recognized the bit as one from […]